Double Chins Chinchillas
Grove City, Ohio 
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Breeding healthy, happy and friendly chinchillas!

Interested in learning more about  chinnies?  Ask for our care guide - I can email it to you!
Double Chins Chinchillas Gallery
We have many weanlings for sale starting at $150.00.

Price List
Standard  $150.00                          
Light Hetero Ebony  $150.00
Extra Dark Standard  $175.00    
Pink White  $200.00                        
Beige  $175.00                                   
Medium Ebony  $175.00
Light Tan  $200.00                          
Brown Velvet  $200.00                  
White Mosaic  $200.00                  
Black Velvet  $200.00                     
Medium Tan  $200.00                      
Violet  $200.00                                  
Ebony  $200.00                                 
Homo Beige  $200.00 
Tan White Mosaic  $225.00                
TOV White  $225.00                                    
Ebony White $225.00                                
Dark Ebony  $250.00
Dark Tan $250.00
Medium Tan White  $250.00         
TOV Dark Tan  $275.00             
Extra Dark Ebony $275.00            
TOV Ebony White  $275.00          
TOV Ebony $300.00                                     
Extra Dark Tan  $300.00                
Extreme Extra Dark Ebony White  $400.00
Extra Dark Tan White  $400.00  

*Posted prices may be adjusted based on chinchilla's size, age, color and quality*

50% non-refundable deposit required to hold; balance due prior to pick-up date.  No refunds on chinchillas; will transfer deposit to another chin if necessary.  Cash, PayPal, and Zelle.